First steps in the future centre of the Exarchate of Lithuania

Last week we received a permission from the Lithuanian State to us the building at 10 Antakalnio Street. As we have already announced, we are planning to set up a centre of the Exarchate of Lithuania here. The Center will include the Exarchate's office, the Exarch's residence, a hall for meetings and events, a chapel, a library, and an exhibition space. However, it will take some time before the centre is operational – first we need to carry out renovation work.

After inviting professionals to assess what repairs are needed for the site, we have sent out requests to various companies for possible propositions, and we will choose the best offer on the basis of price and experience. The building is a heritage site, so we need exprienced workers. We are open to a wide range of proposals.

Looking at the old frontage of the building, we hope that after the renovation our centre will be very beautiful and will become the heart of the Exarchate of Lithuania: a centre of attraction for the faithful and guests.


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