Meeting of believers who seek independence from the Moscow Patriarchate


Joint prayer. Photo by R. Yarotskyi

On November 6, an Orthodox community of Vilnius, which is hoping for the restoration of the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Lithuania, was visited by like-minded people from Klaipeda. After a common prayer, everyone had a joint meal. Believers from Klaipeda shared their personal stories and experiences of keeping the faith in the conditions when they can no longer freely visit the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. Because the senior leadership of the Moscow Patriarchate openly supports Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, they felt a conflict of conscience and could not stay silent. Many raised their voices against the war and were ostracized by the Moscow Patriarchate. Others simply feel torn inside when a war-supporting patriarch is called "our great master and father" during each service.

It was the first meeting of a series of planned events for such like-minded people from around Lithuania. We hope that with God's help, if the parishes of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople will become a reality once more in Lithuania, such meetings could become a great tradition.

Meetings and trips are organized by the Center for Initiatives of Orthodox Christians (VšĮ Krikščionių ortodoksų iniciativų centras) - a non-governmental organization created by the priests who protested against the statements of Patriarch Kirill and because of that were defrocked by him (the priests appealed this decision to H.A.H. the Ecumenical Patriarch).

Meetings of the Vilnius community take place in an informal setting every Sunday in the House of National Communities (Raugyklos g. 25, Vilnius), from 11 am to 1 pm. All who want become acquinted with the community or support the cause are invited.

In other cities, regular meetings are not held yet, but the issue is being resolved.

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